How to Get Rid of Mice When You Have Pets

How to Get Rid of Mice When You Have Pets Mesa

How to get rid of mice when you have pets? Our pets are important to us. For most of us, our pets are part of the family and we love them dearly. We do everything we can do to protect them at all costs. So when we’re dealing with house pests such as rats, mice, and other rodents, we want to make sure that we get rid of those pests completely without harming our own pets. 

This can be quite challenging but it must be done. We need to remove pests like mice and rats from our homes while considering our own pets. So that means that some of the usual methods such as using rat poison or glue traps aren’t good options or must not be an option at all. Obviously, rat poison can make our pets sick when they accidentally touch or eat those. Glue traps might seem fine, but many times, we’ve seen pets getting their fur stuck into the glue, which can be very difficult to remove.

Get Professional Mice Removal Services

The best option for removing mice when you have pets at home is by calling a professional or licensed mice removal company for assistance. These pest control companies have materials and tools, more importantly, they have the know-how and experience in getting rid of mice successfully and safely at the same time. 

When you call a mice removal company, the usual process begins with a site inspection. The staff will visit your home and look for the areas where the mice go to or where they have built their nests. From there, traps will be placed so that all mice can be captured. If there are holes in screens and walls, or if there’s damage to pipes and vents that allow entry to these mice, they may be repaired as well. 

Mesa’s Trusted Mice Removal Pros

If you are still wondering how to get rid of mice when you have pets, the best option would be to call Mesa’s most reliable pest control company. Mesa Mice Removal has been in the business of removing all kinds of pests including rodents, mice, rats, and more in Mesa, Arizona, and the surrounding communities. We have a team of highly-trained crew who are more than happy to help you remove all those mice from your house. Just like you, we love our pets too. So we make sure that your pets won’t get harmed in the process of mice removal. Call us today to set an appointment! 

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